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Artist Challenging Self……


Did you really just refer to me as an artist? **BLUSH** (literally my response, smh….. such a geek SHRUGz)

Hype like no other for the title, not so much for forcing creativity when experiencing a dry spill. So in hopes to comeback the issue i’ll remain seated for the next 3 hrs or so, few times a week and create. Whether its through paper & pen via short story, poems, sketching. Or my love of all loves DESIGNING.

Just got to keep my ass down in one spot. Keep my mind focused and on nothing but the present and my task at hand, literally. Whatever pours out consciously & subconsciously, time to let it out.

Main problem isn’t the motive, but discipline (or lack there of)….. over the course of this month i’ll stop viewing this challenge as a chore or daunting task. and more of a stepping stone of acknowledging my fullest potential. And the progress/ transition of this process shall be noted [by noted i mean posted]

…….So here’s to taking a close look deep down in the mirror piercing & prying within


Endless Ball-of-Potential

SkinZz 🙂